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Randy runs a scam, fails to mention you are missing the market by not being if the FMLS.Fails to deliver on anything.

Makes it impossible for anyone to reach you and is arogant as the devil himself. Zerooooooo stars for this ***. Words that come to mind are smash and grab. Highway robbery.

and Buyer beware. All I can say is if you are planning to use him for a flat fee service you are selling your self and property short. There are much more comprehensive programs in the area from people that actualy appreciate your business.

What a loser!!!

Review about: Flat Fee Ga Mls.



We are using Randy Bess and everything has been going great.We're on the MLS and have been getting tons of traffic.

They are very responsive whenever I send emails to ask questions, change the MLS listing, etc.

House is under contract now too...So, take these bad reviews with a grain of salt because we've had a great experience.


Trying to find a reputable flat fee listing company.I won't use this guy because his St Pete office address is a box number at the UPS store.

His email is a gmail account.Could be anybody...Scammer?

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #214850

Randy's service is great.I used him many times and alreays courtious and knowledgable.

Changes to my listing usually done within 15 minutes.

People who knock Randy's service must be naive about the MLS and expect their house to sell and when it doess not look for someone to blame and Randy is the easy target.This type of behavior of passing the buck is clasical

Victoria, Texas, United States #10085

I agree don't list with him. I did and it is a nightmare!!!!

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